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About Us

Hrishi Exports' mission is to develop engineering products that exceed client's expectations in terms of quality and user-friendliness in operations. We are the engineering company with innovative, user-friendly and wide range of products.

Sheer dedication and commitment to quality from higher management is one of the keys of Hrishi Exports' success. Hrishi Exports assure quality in each products because of years of experience in Designing, Manufacturing and Marketing engineering products in the Indian and global marketplace.

Quality Policy

Quality is conformance to client's requirements. That is why from the selection and purchase of raw materials to final stage of after sales and services we excel client's expectations.

Product Range
  • Diesel Engines

    Diesel Engines

  • Diesel Generator Sets

    Diesel Generator Sets

  • Water Pumps

    Water Pumps

  • Bearings


  • Casting

    Portable Pumping Sets

  • Casting

    Self Priming Mud/Sewage Pumps